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Attendance Harassment

If you are sick and unable to report to work, you have the RIGHT to be off due to illness. If you have no personal days, you can apply for other types of paid leave like comp time or lieu days or simply submit a leave form for "sick leave without pay"...


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Fall 2018 5 Day UEP Course

Sunday Dec. 2 - Friday Dec. 7, 2018
Best Western Hotel & Conference Centre, Brantford

Applications must be received at the Regional Office by Friday November 16, 2018 5pm. NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS TIME. 

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Save Canada Post Campaign – Part 2

Sisters and Brothers

CUPW National has launched Part 2 of the “Save Canada Post” campaign.
Click on the document icons to download and print 2 letters to your MP:

One to express the need for a public review of Canada Post, the other to urge MPs to support Postal Banking. Please print out, fill in, and send these letters to your MP. We encourage all members to have their families, friends, and associates send these letters. We helped defeat the Conservative government, now we collectively have the opportunity to build on our success, and encourage the Liberal government to restore home delivery and to bring about Postal Banking. Let’s help make this campaign a success!

 Letter to MP about Service Cuts  Letter in Support of Postal Banking