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On Thursday January 14th, several workers exercised their right to refuse unsafe work when contractors in HAZMAT suits were witnessed spraying in the HMPP... CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE NOTICE.


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July 24, 2008
Deregulation of Canada Post would result in higher prices, reduced service or both

The federal government is conducting a review of our public post office called the Canada Post Corporation Strategic Review (CPCSR). The CPCSR is considering deregulation of our universal public postal system. This is the second in a series of five bulletins on good reasons to oppose deregulation of Canada Post.

Deregulation would result in higher prices, reduced service or both.
There appears to be a correlation between countries that have fully deregulated their post offices and higher standard postage rates. See the chart on the back of this bulletin.
Why is this? Once a domestic letter market is fully deregulated, competitors typically focus on profitable urban areas and business mail, leaving unprofitable rural delivery and individual mail to a post office. The post office normally loses part of the lucrative letter business to competitors. At some point, the post office can no longer cross subsidize and finance high cost individual mail and rural delivery with the money it makes from large volume urban mailings because competitors have taken this business.
In addition to rate hikes, the public would likely face service cuts if Canada Post is deregulated. If our post office follows the example of Sweden's deregulated post office, it would cut back or eliminate retail service, especially in rural areas.
Recently, an independent review of the United Kingdom's deregulated postal

sector found that "there have been no significant benefits from liberalisation for smaller businesses and domestic consumers."
What can you do to oppose deregulation?
Sign a Hey Harper - Hands off my post office postcard. Your local is distributing the postcards. Ask for one.


Denis Lemelin National President
2008-2011/ Bulletin no.040
DU bk cope 225

Ontario K9P 1Y3

The struggle continues

Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Bulletin no. 040 July 24, 2008