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Attendance Harassment

If you are sick and unable to report to work, you have the RIGHT to be off due to illness. If you have no personal days, you can apply for other types of paid leave like comp time or lieu days or simply submit a leave form for "sick leave without pay"...


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Child Care

Parents With Young Children

You can access information regarding childcare on our Partner Links page.
For more information for members with children with special needs-
You can also get in touch with the Local or email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information.


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Retirement gifts now available!

To our Sisters and Brothers of Hamilton Local 548 

In recognition and appreciation of Union Membership, the Local is pleased to offer retirees a choice of the following mementos:

  1. A Canadian made  5” x 7” Canadian sourced solid walnut plaque, with a brass style plate displaying the CUPW globe and modern logo, or
  2. A 500 ml maple leaf shaped bottle filled with maple syrup from the Niagara Peninsula, with brass style plaque on reverse, or
  3. A translucent royal blue Union made mug with CUPW world logo, along with a 4GB memory stick.

Please download the Application for Retirement Memento /Gift, fill out this form and return to the Local 548 Office. Thank you.