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COVID Outbreaks

After struggling through two years of COVID, a new and highly virulent strain has exploded onto the scene. As numbers continue to skyrocket across the globe, this new Omicron variant has made its inevitable emergence into the post office. For those who've been watching the news, case numbers in the Province of Ontario are hitting new daily highs and increasing at rates higher than tracking models can follow... It is important we protect ourselves and each other, so please CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE NOTICE.


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Child Care

Parents With Young Children

You can access information regarding childcare on our Partner Links page.
For more information for members with children with special needs-
You can also get in touch with the Local or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.




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2021.08.05 - Unanimous Recommendation

Hamilton Executive Unanimously Recommends YES to Tentative Agreements

RE: Proposed Collective Agreements for Urban and RSMC Units

At its July 29th executive meeting, the Hamilton Local discussed the proposed Collective Agreements for the Urban and RSMC bargaining units. After considerable discussion and reflection, it is the unanimous recommendation of the Hamilton Local Executive to support adoption of the 2 year contracts for Urban and RSMC Members...

Please download the full text of this important letter from the Local 548 Executive.

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Terry Langley,
Hamilton Local 548